How I got a job in Singapore without filling out an application

The Gym Pod located at Changi City Point!

The Gym Pod located at Changi City Point!

As I prepared to leave America, I spent my free time researching startups in Singapore. I surfed various blogs and forums and eventually stumbled upon The Gym Pod, a 24 hour smart gym built inside a shipping container. The concept of the gym immediately intrigued me; I studied their website from soup to nuts. Within a few minutes I decided that I had to apply, only to discover that there were no job openings available. I decided to go with a different approach.

The moment I got fully settled in Singapore, I immediately continued my research. I downloaded their mobile app to take notes of the user experience. I visited the Gym Pod locations to get an idea of the environment in and around the facilities. I asked strangers what they thought of the Pods. I even waited outside the Pods for people to finish their workout sessions so I could ask them how their experience was.

Using all of this information, I created a portfolio with my analysis and a series of recommendations for how to expand the business. I designed the portfolio to mimic The Gym Pod's exact website design and structure. [I can't take credit for this idea. Thanks for the idea and inspiration. If you haven't heard of her, I highly recommend her content!]

On The Gym Pod's website, you'll see that they have three main selling points: privacy, convenience, and peace of mind. When I created my portfolio, I structured it into 3 reasons why they should hire me. I even made the portfolio password protected: hirepeterforsuccess. You can take a look at the portfolio here.

Once all of this was complete, I sent an email to the CEO to let him know I had some ideas to share and then crossed my fingers for a response. Fortunately, he responded - and after a couple meetings to exchange ideas, I'm happy to say that I have accepted an offer as Business Development Executive with The Gym Pod!

P.S. For those who are curious, I am still committed to building and developing GreenGuards. Busy times are ahead, but I'm excited for the challenge!

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My body officially has no idea what time it is...

Just returned from my brief stint back in the states - I was only home for about a week. Although I wanted to stay longer and see some more familiar faces, I didn’t want to risk fully adapting to the US time zone and then readapting to SG time zone when I returned. That being said…I’m still exhausted. For whatever reason, I feel like my body gets hit with jet lag harder than most others. Regardless, it was great to to catch up with friends and family and of course witness 2 of my amazing friends get married (congrats Sally and Sergio!!). 

I got back to Singapore around midnight last night and I am now back in the airport again (it’s about 9am) awaiting my flight to go to Malaysia. I’ll be heading to the archipelago of Langkawi (99 islands) for a week to relax and celebrate my 25th! Langkawi is a bit of a quieter vibe but that’s typically what I prefer anyways. I’m getting way too old to go clubbing and what not. Ready to do some island hopping, hiking, and just bumming on the beach. 

I know I have been slacking on updating this site with pictures - hope to provide you guys with some cool shots from Langkawi!

Surf’s up…

An extreme dramatization of my surfing abilities. I’ll be on a longboard riding waves 1/4 of the size pictured here lol.

An extreme dramatization of my surfing abilities. I’ll be on a longboard riding waves 1/4 of the size pictured here lol.

I put pen-to-paper on my condo lease last night! Move-in date is technically not until April 1st, so I am hopping on a plane to Indonesia today for 2.5 weeks in the meantime! The plan is to spend about a week in Lombok, an island just off the coast of Bali, which is known for its surfing. This is only my second time surfing and the last time I went was basically a year ago in Costa Rica. I’m hoping a week will be enough time to shake off the rust and hopefully get even better. Now that I’m in SE Asia, I want to get better at surfing since it’s a more feasible option than snowboarding now.

After Lombok I’ll head back to Bali to spend some time there. I don’t really have a set agenda just yet; I plan to play it by ear. Since I’ve been volunteering at the hostel, condo shopping, and adjusting to the new time zone, I’m looking forward to finally being able to relax and reset. Once I come back to Singapore, I plan to conquer a few goals I’ve set for myself. More to come on that later…

Things are moving along nicely...

It’s only day 3 here in Singapore and I’m happy (and relieved) to say that I’ve figured out my phone situation and more importantly, I’ve found housing already! I’ll be rooming with 2 others in a condo complex that’s centrally located to almost everything. The room has an awesome balcony view and the complex also has several pools, a gym, and a bbq area. And the very best part? It’s cheaper than what I would be paying if I chose to live in Arlington/DC back home. The internet always drags on about how expensive Singapore is, but if you do your homework correctly, there’s a lot of affordable options.

The only catch is that I won’t be able to move in until April 1st or after. Housekeeping duties at the current hostel are getting old very fast, so it looks like I’ll be taking an extended vacation here to kill some time and relax a bit. Time to go flight shopping for Bali…

I'm alive my friends...

After ~25 hours of travel I managed to sleepily make it to my hostel.  For the short-term, I’ll be volunteering for 4 hours a day at Happy Snail Hostel in exchange for a free bed.  This will allow me to save some cash while I adjust to the time zone, figure out my phone situation, find permanent housing, etc.  I’m just responsible for taking care of check-ins/outs and basic housekeeping.  Aside from my endless war with the fitted sheets, the work is easy enough.

Outside of volunteering and getting set up with the basic necessities, my current priority is just to eat.  I made my way to Maxwell Hawker Centre in Chinatown and got a few good bites.  I plan to check out the other famous hawkers in the next few days.  

If you haven’t already, give my food IG a follow (@GrubbinOnTheLam)! As a side gig I’m trying to become famous so I can eat for free - so please support my dreams. :P

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