Remy from Ratatouille

I know you’re in there, Remy.

I know you’re in there, Remy.


Here’s a fun little story.

While I was in Langkawi, most of the restaurants were closed because of Ramadan. One of the best meals I ate multiple times was the spicy chicken nasi goreng (fried rice) at a popup tent right across from my hostel. The meal was always passionately cooked by a young man who always welcomed me each night I came to visit. One night I brought two of my friends along, and as we were waiting for our food we noticed that there were some BIG rats hiding in some crates just a few feet away from us. We weren’t able to snag any photos because they were so fast, but I’m not joking: these things might as well have been squirrels.

The irony of this story is that the chef decided to wear this particular hat that night. We all joked that Remy the Rat from Ratatouille was secretly under the hat cooking our meals. The beauty of southeast Asia, right? Kiss food safety goodbye. Find humor in the grime. Thanks for the nasi goreng, Remy!!!


What an incredible week spent in Langkawi, Malaysia to celebrate my 25th birthday. Thanks very much to everyone for the birthday wishes! 

When I arrived in Langkawi, I have to admit I was a little concerned that I was entering a ghost town. As I arrived to my hostel I couldn’t help but notice that everything was closed and there was literally nobody outside walking around the main strip. I forgot that it’s Ramadan, and most of the island actually shuts down during the entire holiday period. 

This was actually a blessing in disguise. I essentially was able to claim and explore the island completely to myself and a few other friends I made in the hostel. Waterfalls, private beaches, swimming holes - you name it. Everything was completely empty and it was an awesome experience to enjoy all of what the island had to offer without worrying about any crowds.

The best way to get around on Langkawi is by scooter, and so being able to cruise around and explore also reminded me of my awesome time in Lombok. I hit 100km/hr on my scooter this past week! Funnily enough, the poor scooter actually broke down on my last night there…good timing. Take a look at my photos to see some of what Langkawi has to offer (work in progress…does anyone know why Squarespace takes nearly 10 min to upload a single picture???).


My body officially has no idea what time it is...

Just returned from my brief stint back in the states - I was only home for about a week. Although I wanted to stay longer and see some more familiar faces, I didn’t want to risk fully adapting to the US time zone and then readapting to SG time zone when I returned. That being said…I’m still exhausted. For whatever reason, I feel like my body gets hit with jet lag harder than most others. Regardless, it was great to to catch up with friends and family and of course witness 2 of my amazing friends get married (congrats Sally and Sergio!!). 

I got back to Singapore around midnight last night and I am now back in the airport again (it’s about 9am) awaiting my flight to go to Malaysia. I’ll be heading to the archipelago of Langkawi (99 islands) for a week to relax and celebrate my 25th! Langkawi is a bit of a quieter vibe but that’s typically what I prefer anyways. I’m getting way too old to go clubbing and what not. Ready to do some island hopping, hiking, and just bumming on the beach. 

I know I have been slacking on updating this site with pictures - hope to provide you guys with some cool shots from Langkawi!