I’ve been a ghost lately when it comes to maintaining this blog. I keep telling myself that I will try to post more frequently but just can’t find the time for it. The past 2 months have been extremely busy and stressful but overall productive. I’m about 2.5 months into my gig at The Gym Pod and loving the challenges so far. 

Since the team is so small, we all do a little bit of everything when it comes to the developing product, marketing tactics, future growth strategy, etc. We only meet in-person once a week to check-in/set new goals/etc. The remaining 6 days of the week are basically up to us to get the job done as we please. I’m really loving the freedom I’ve been given to operate.

When I haven’t been working on Gym Pod objectives, I’ve been working on getting things setup for my own business venture. Trying to start my own business has taught me so many things already; but the one thing I recognize I really need to work on is my patience. Anyone who has worked with me in the past knows that I always want things to move at 100mph (or should I say 160kmh). When anything is delayed I tend to get frustrated. I constantly need to remind myself that 1) my priority is not always someone else’s, and 2) my focus should be on building for the long-term and not to rush through the process. 

Super busy next few weeks are ahead - will try to post as much as I can (but no promises).