When I say the last couple days have been rough...

I mean they have been ROUGH! To keep it as lean as possible, here is a summary:

  • I show up to the airport on Thursday 3/21 to depart to Bali then have a panic attack because I can’t locate my flight. I then discover I’ve actually booked my flight for 3/28 instead.

  • I frantically run around the airport looking for next flights outs but the cheapest option is the next day departing at 5am. I decide to just stay in the airport overnight.

  • I land in Bali but then have to frantically head to the ferry port in order to catch a boat to Lombok. I catch a 2 hour boat to Lombok but then discover my hostel is another solid 2 hours car ride away. As you can tell, I did not prepare for this very well at all.

  • Additionally, my SIM card that is supposed to work in Indonesia is somehow not working so I’m essentially doing this off of blind faith from the locals. I 100% got ripped off on a few deals here and there but whatever.

I’ve finally made it to my hostel and you guessed it, it is beer time. I’ll do my best to post pictures throughout vaca as best as I can.