I'm alive my friends...

After ~25 hours of travel I managed to sleepily make it to my hostel.  For the short-term, I’ll be volunteering for 4 hours a day at Happy Snail Hostel in exchange for a free bed.  This will allow me to save some cash while I adjust to the time zone, figure out my phone situation, find permanent housing, etc.  I’m just responsible for taking care of check-ins/outs and basic housekeeping.  Aside from my endless war with the fitted sheets, the work is easy enough.

Outside of volunteering and getting set up with the basic necessities, my current priority is just to eat.  I made my way to Maxwell Hawker Centre in Chinatown and got a few good bites.  I plan to check out the other famous hawkers in the next few days.  

If you haven’t already, give my food IG a follow (@GrubbinOnTheLam)! As a side gig I’m trying to become famous so I can eat for free - so please support my dreams. :P

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