30/60/90 Day Plans for

Explosive Growth


Day 1 - day 30: increase brand awareness and social media presence

  • Launch social media campaign to increase overall awareness and expand target market to include eco-conscious Gym Podders

  • Guerrilla marketing campaign outside of popular gyms during most crowded hours to emphasize privacy and convenience

  • Targeted instagram advertisements and campaigns to increase follower count to 1,000

  • App bug fixes to make registration more seamless for users (also consider Facebook integration)

Day 31 - 60: new user engagement & explore pod enhancements

  • Launch new smaller package deals with shorter validity periods via Instagram with goal to register 100 new applicants

  • Gym Podder spotlight campaigns (I left this gym and why…I started using The Gym Pod because…)

  • Explore possibilities to migrate pods in a more concentrated environment

  • Explore partnerships with residential areas

  • Explore capabilities of using sustainable equipment within the pods

increase revenue and strive towards 100% sustainable pods


Day 61 - DAy 90:

  • Set a goal to increase the booking to at least 20% capacity per day

  • Begin implementing sustainable equipment within the pod: recycled floormats, solar panels on the roof, recycled rubber plates, etc

  • Increase follower count to 2,000